Adding a Smoker

For several years, I have wanted a smoker. I enjoy smoked foods and I’ve wanted one for years. There have been a few hurdles in my life. Well, let me start out. over 5 years ago, I actually had a charcoal smoker, I used it a handful of times and, everything I smoked turned out OK. The problem I had was, trying to keep a constant temperature.  It was either getting too hot or would get too cold.

I Sold Mine

I sold that smoker as I was moving out of state, and I haven’t been able to get one since. You see, My wife doesn’t like smoked meats, and smokers aren’t exactly cheap. Due to those two facts, I haven’t been able to get another smoker.

Using my Parent’s Smoker

Last summer I went to visit my parents in Utah. The kids and I spent a couple of weeks there. While I was there, my parents let me use their smoker, and we smoked a couple of racks of ribs. They turned out amazing, and since that day, I’ve been itching to get a smoker. For my birthday this year, it finally happened. Thanks to some amazing people.

I Got a Smoker

I got a Pit Boss Pellet smoker, and for my first time using it, I did something a bit ambitious. We had invited a couple of people over, so, I wanted something to feed a crowd.  I did a Pork Butt and made Pulled Pork. I spent many hours researching smoking a Pork Butt and making Pulled Pork. Countless YouTube videos were watched, as well as websites visited.

Trust the Internet

Luckily, you can find almost anything online, I found a rub recipe off the internet. So, before going to bed, I put the rub on the night before. I woke up At 4:00 A.M. got the smoker heated up and put the Pork Butt on the smoker around 4:30. Every couple of hours, I checked on it, making sure there were plenty of pellets in the hopper, and spritzing it with Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar. At about the 5-hour mark, I did pull it off and wrapped it in butcher paper. I’m going, to be honest, I wrapped it earlier than the internet said so it wasn’t too smoky.  I wanted my wife to be able to eat it.

The internet said 60 – 90 minutes a pound at 250. It definitely took longer than I expected. It was more like 90 minutes, and for the almost 10-pound Pork Butt, it took close to 15 hours to smoke. I definitely learned a few things. Next time I’ll put it on the night before. We didn’t have time to let it rest. We pulled it off and ate it. Next time, I will put a pan under it to catch the juices. There was a little left in the wrapper, but not very much.

The Pulled pork was really good, and I can’t wait to try the ribs in our Freezer, however for now I get to figure out how to clean my smoker.

Pulled Pork on the smoker
This is the final product. My first Pulled Pork.

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