Grilling Burgers


Grilling Burgers is one of the cheapest and easiest ways that you can enjoy your grill, whether it’s charcoal or gas. If you go down the freezer section at your local shopping center you will find multiple packages of pre-made burgers.

Preparing the Burgers

The other option is to get a tube of Ground Beef and you can make your own burgers. When you make your own burgers you can decide how thick and how big they are. One thing you will want to remember when you’re making your burgers that the meat will shrink. I try to make them a bit bigger for this reason. The reason the meat shrinks would be dependant on the fat content and the temperature it’s being cooked on. If you cook it too hot or cook all the fat out it will dry out the meat.

Cooking the Burger

I usually put my burgers on a hot grill and get a sear on it. This is when I will season the burgers. I use Salt, Pepper, and Onion Powder. I let them cook on one side, then I turn it over and add seasoning to the other side. Once I have seared it on both sides, I will then turn down the heat and let it cook for a few minutes.

Flipping Burgers

I only flip the burgers once. If you constantly move them, the meat will lose all its juice and become dried out. And nobody loves a dry burger.

The last 30 seconds, that is when you put your cheese on it, let it get all melty and delicious. Once you pull it off the grill, let it rest for a few minutes. This allows the meat to redistribute the juices, and soak up what it can.

Grilling Burgers can be very simple, or you can make them complex. How do you like to grill your burgers? What do you do to make them yours? Leave a comment and let me know. You can also Contact Me.