Cast Iron Skillets

For the longest time, I have been afraid of Cast Iron. Not being able to care for it properly, as well as not knowing how to cook with it. However, a couple of months ago, I got me a Lodge Cast Iron skillet from Good ole Wal Mart. I’m still not sure what I was thinking when I got it. I’ve heard of people raving about them, and I was openly opposed to it, just because I thought it was too much work.

Don’t know what I’m doing.

Because of not fully understanding it, I know I don’t fully use it to its full potential. I’m sure I baby it a bit much, I mean, it’s iron right. However, I don’t want to let it fall apart. My primary use for it is cooking bacon and eggs. I save the bacon grease, and I use that for greasing the pan with the eggs. I try to wipe it out every time, and when it gets really gross, I will wash it and re-season it.

Several people have told me they have inherited Cast Iron from their grandma. I’m still trying to figure that out. Cause I continually wash, and re-season mine. I’m not sure if they are using it for one thing, or multiple things.

I got a Cast Iron Skillet

When I got the Cast Iron Skillet, I did what most people did and I searched all over the internet and YouTube on how they were made, and how to take care of it. There are so many resources out there. I don’t even know if I’m doing that correctly.

The Cast Iron Skillet comes pre-seasoned from Lodge, however, when I first got it, I seasoned it with vegetable oil. I rubbed the oil all over it and put it in the oven for an hour or two at 350 degrees.

When I am done with it, I will wipe it out with a paper towel. If it’s really dirty, I will wash it with a non-abrasive cleaner. NO SOAP. I will then re-season it a couple of times before I use it again.

I feel like I still have some more practice and learning to do with the Cast Iron Skillet.  There is always room from improvement and growth, no matter what you’re doing

Do you have any tips?

If you have any tips or tricks to working with Cast Iron, please leave a comment and let me know.  You can also Contact Me.