Baking Fresh Bread

There is nothing better than hot bread right out of the oven with butter dripping off it. Due to my love of hot Fresh Bread, a couple years ago I asked my mom how to make bread. I went over to her house, and I sat as I watched her making bread. I wrote down her recipe and made notes so that I would be able to replicate the bread.

Fast forward to Easter 2018, I wanted to make some rolls to go with our Easter dinner. I had the time and the willpower. I set out to make my mothers recipe. As I looked at the recipe, I had a gut feeling that it was going to make a lot of bread. However, I pushed forward and followed her recipe. The problem, however, came with the amount of bread. You see my mom had a family of 8 and would make a batch of bread to last a week or sometimes 2 if she was lucky. I knew that I needed to cut back on the amount of bread that I made, however, I just pushed through.

I had all the ingredients in, and the last step was to add the flour to make the right consistency. The problem was we were low on flour, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, the option was to either deal with what I had, or throw it away. I used some oil and put it in a bowl to raise.

The dough was a little too wet, or sticky to roll out into rolls. I just made them into four loaves. Into the oven to bake and see what the results were.

I pulled out the loaves of hot Fresh Bread and I cut into them. I had nice hot bread for Easter, as well as days after. The bread was nice and moist and tasty. It also worked well for toast.

Maybe one of these days I’ll follow my gut, however, part of learning is making mistakes.  Luckily with this one, even though there were mistakes, it turned out really well.

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