How do you like your Steak Cooked

There is a meme going around the internet on how you like your Steak Cooked. If you don’t know what I’m referring to it’s this:

Steak Cooked –>

Before the Cook

Everyone has their own way they like to have their steak and why they like it that way. However, before we get into that I want to talk about pre-cook. I’ve heard from multiple people that the steak has to be marinated and soak in it for several hours. However, I have also heard that you don’t need to marinate the steak. All you need is some salt and pepper and just cook it on the grill.

As for me, I prefer to do a little salt and pepper, and every now and then I’ll add some onion powder and garlic powder. I have learned over the years that If you get a good cut of meat you want the meat to do be the flavor, instead of adding flavor to the meat. However, if you have a cheap cut of meat like skirt steak. That is when you’ll want to let it soak in a marinade.

Cooking Steak

Now, when you’re cooking your meat, that is where another debate comes in. Some people like it rare and some people like it well done. And then there are people who like it in between. Growing up I never liked beef. We would always have it well done and it was dried out. However, I remember one year we went on a family vacation and part of it was a prime rib dinner. I remember I wasn’t excited about it because I didn’t like beef. However, my sister informed me that if you get it a medium you’ll have the blood cooked out, and not over-done. From that time on, I would always get mine cooked to a medium. The only other thing I like is to eat A1 with my steak. I love the flavor and the tanginess it adds.

How do you like your Steak Cooked? How do you like to prepare it and cook it? Do you like Steak sauce with it? Leave a comment and let me know. You can also Contact Me.