Pots and Pans What are you using in the Kitchen

There are multiple options when you look for Pots and Pans. There is a frying pan, saute pan, saucepan, and a pot. They all come in different sizes. There are short Pans and tall Pans, big pans and small pans.

Each Pots and Pans are made for a purpose. If you are frying an egg, you will use a frying pan. When boiling pasta, or making up your favorite soup you would use a. pot.  There is a reason for all of your pans, however, there is also some versatility. You don’t have to use each pan for their intended purpose.

Pots and pans are made out of different materials. you have metal pans that are just metal. You have metal pans that have a Teflon or a non-stick coating on them. You also have Cast Iron pans. They are all treated differently.

Teflon Pans

For pans coated in Teflon you would want to use a plastic spoon or spatula to make sure you don’t scratch the Teflon off. If you don’t use Teflon properly, you could scratch off the Teflon and it will make you sick.

Metal Pans

Metal Pots and Pans: They don’t have a non-stick surface. If you aren’t careful you can easily burn your food to the pot and it would be a pain to clean up.

Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron is a heavy-duty pan. It doesn’t have a non-stick surface. You need to grease it so your food doesn’t stick to it. Alsom Cast iron pans need to be seasoned before use. Some come pre-seasoned from the manufacture. Follow manufactures recommendations on seasoning.

Cast Iron takes special care. When you are done with your pan, use hot water, and a plastic scraper.  Don’t use soap as that would clean off the oil that has been added as part of the seasoning process. After washing, make sure to thoroughly dry it, excess water will rust it.

I hope this helps in your search for cookware. Always do your research and learn about what you are getting. If you have any questions you are welcome to Contact Me.