Easy Chili

Growing up we had chili all the time, and I wasn’t a big fan.  I am still not a big fan of chili, but on occasion, I will make easy chili because my wife loves it. She asks me to cook it and since I love her, I oblige. 

I love this easy chili recipe. It’s so easy throwing everything in the crock pot and let it cook for hours. The hardest part is browning the hamburger (and that is pretty easy). I have even cooked the meat the night before so you can just throw it in the crock pot in the morning. That way I have dinner ready when I get home from work.

I eat it with Frito chips, Cheddar Cheese and sometimes I will put some sour cream in it.

This is an easy to make Home Made Chili that you can put in the Slow Cooker and forget about it. Write a review


  • 1 LB Ground Beef or Ground Turkey
  • 1 15 OZ Can of Stewed Tomatoes
  • 1 15 OZ Can of Tomato Sauce
  • 1 15 OZ Can of Kidney Beans
  • 1/2 Medium Onion
  • 4 Cloves of Fresh Garlic
  • 1 4 OZ can of Green Chilis
  • 3 TBSP Chili Powder
  • 2 TBSP Ground Cumin
  • 1/2 TBSP Salt
  • 1/2 TBSP Pepper


  1. Brown the Meat

  2. Chop Onion

  3. Mince Garlic

  4. Blend all ingredients in Slow Cooker

  5. Let cook for about 4 hours.